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Dear Owners:

My daughter, Anna, is a student in Miss Amanda’s classroom. When I signed her up at the end of August, we discussed the need to have her attend until November, stop through the winter months, due to my husband’s work schedule, and have her attend in the Spring. My husband and I are very happy with our decision to send Anna to your daycare. She has adjusted, FINALLY, and actually has made comments that she ‘LOVES SCHOOL” and misses her friends when she is not with them. Thank you so much for helping us with this difficult transition. I look forward to seeing you in the Spring. I will be in touch as April approaches as to when we will start sending Anna again. If you need anything else from me, please let me know. Thank you again!!

Melissa R.

Dear Staff:

I had started a letter to give you upon Emily’s departure from your Center. I am happy to put that on hold as I have decided to keep Emily enrolled indefinitely.

I am writing anyway because it is never too soon or too late to express my heartfelt thanks for helping to shape and encourage Emily as she sprouted from a waddling 18 month old to a charming and willful 4 year old. How time flies!

It was one of my best decisions so far as a parent to place Emily at your Center. I often rave to friends and co-workers of the high quality of service you all work hard to provide. Each and everyone of your deserve much praise for the compassion, good judgement, quality teaching, creativity, and love you show the children. It is obvious that you enjoy the work you do and care about your charges.

As a single parent, I greatly appreciate the support you give me in teaching her positive behavior, healthy habits, fun projects, a joy of learning, as well as giving her an excellent head start on her education. I have never felt guilty for working and leaving Emily at day care full time. I always knew she was in good hands.

I also thank you for the cleanliness of the facility and equipment, the healthful food, the engaging activities, performances and field trips, the daily report card, the smile first thing in the morning, and the overall feeling that we are welcome and belong there.

Emily is a naturally bright and talented child and has thrived under your tutelage. She has had the best opportunity to meet challenges and explore the world around her as she grows. It is for all of these reasons, plus the numerous details you tirelessly put into her day, that I decided to commute from our new home in Tonawanda. Let this be a testament to the wonderful job you all do! Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Suzanne P.

Dear Staff:

I was a bit hesitant to let my daughter go and send her to daycare. The first few weeks did not make me feel any better either, as she would cry so hard when I left her here each morning. You all kept reassuring me that this was a new situation for her and it would get better.

Well, you were right! Today when I drop Laura off she runs straight to her cubby, gives me a kiss and hug, and waves goodbye as I leave. She has come such a long way in these last few months. I can’t get over the changes in her.

When she first came here, Laura was somewhat quiet and shy. She doesn’t really have many children her age to play with here at home. It warms my heart to come in and find her playing with her friends or sitting at storytime. Her experiences at daycare have helped her to become a more outgoing and social little girl.

Laura has also learned many new things since starting daycare. She knows many of her colors, shapes and numbers. She can say the alphabet and count to ten. She has become more independent and can dress herself, clean up her mess, and loves to help me around the house.

As hard as it was to leave her here those first few weeks, I am so glad that we stuck with it. Thank you all for taking such good care of my little girl and helping her learn and grow. It eases my mind to know that she is in such good hands when she is here. Keep up the good work!


Jennifer Z.
Mom to Laura, who loves the Toddler Room

Dear Staff:

We just wanted to say thank you for the 3 wonderful years you and your staff have given to our children. We could not have asked for a better pre-school for Ethan and Cassie than yours.

I remember bringing Ethan into the 3 year old class for the very first time. On that first day, I was your typical nervous mom, letting her child be taken care of, even if only for a few hours a day, by strangers. Of course he cried when I left, and I cried when I left, but I knew that he was in good hands. He ended up having a wonderful day, and I was thankful that such good care was taken of him.

Ethan spent the next 3 years learning so much: from social skills to actually reading books. When he was ready for Kindergarten, I was asked by his teacher which pre-school he had attended. She was amazed that he was already reading simple words and short paragraphs, and I proudly told her that he attended your Center. His teacher then replied that this was good to know, since it certainly seemed to her that the children from your Center were very well prepared for Kindergarten. Ethan is now going into 1st grade, but is reading at a 2nd grade level. Of course I had to send his younger sister to the same pre-school, and Cassie did wonderfully also. She will be starting Kindergarten this year, and is already reading at a 1st grade level.

Not only are we happy with what our children have learned through your Center, but we were also very pleased with your staff. First there was Miss Elaine and Miss Pam, who taught Ethan not only his academics, but helped to build his social skills and become a much better student. He was able to be with Miss Elaine for 2 years straight, and with Miss Pam for his last year at your Center. We could not have asked for better teachers for Ethan. Then there were Miss Natalia and Miss Corrie, Cassie’s teachers in the 3 year old room. Not only did they welcome her with open arms and lots of hugs on her very first day of pre-school, but they laid the building blocks for her academic success. Finally, there was Miss Melissa, who, along with Miss Pam, taught Cassie so much more than any other teachers, I believe, could have taught her. Academically, especially, she is soaring. She could not be more prepared for Kindergarten than she is now. We spoke with Cassie’s Kindergarten teacher recently, and she is looking forward to the academic challenge that she knows she will have with Cassie!

Once again, thank you and your terrific staff, for making these last 3 years so special for our family. It has been wonderful getting to know you and everyone else at your Center. It’s going to be difficult to walk out those doors for the last time, knowing that our children will not be spending the year with you! But we will definitely be back next summer: Ethan and Cassie already made me promise to send them to Day Camp again!

Please take care, and good luck to you and your entire staff in the new school year.

Lynne S.

Dear Staff:

We wanted to give you a thank you gift for all your hard work and dedication.Although we are happy that Hannah is moving on to Kindergarten, we are also sad that we will not be coming into the Center anymore. It has been 7 years of coming to the Center between Kayla and Hannah. We have grown fond of all the staff members we have seen in the past 7 years. It may sound funny, but it feels like we are losing part of our family.

We have felt that both Kayla and Hannah benefited from your Center and always felt assured that they were well taken care of.We will miss everyone at the Center and wish everyone a safe and happy Summer.

Lisa, Kevin, Kayla & Hannah A.

Dear Owners:

As Alexandra leaves your Center for the adventure of Kindergarten, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone at the Center. I cannot begin to say enough about the teachers and staff. I have had great peace of mind knowing that my girls have been in the care of such loving, caring, dedicated professionals for the past 2 years.

In their time at your Center, Alexandra and Sydney have grown so much. Academically and socially, my girls have blossomed. Alexandra is entering Kindergarten confident in her academic abilities and prepared for the routines and behavioral expectations of school. Ms. Melissa and Ms. Corry are distinguished educators. Sydney has learned not only to count and say her, but she has also learned to share and use the potty. The support we received from everyone at the Center when Sydney was so ill this year is beyond compare. She can’t wait to begin again in the Fall.

Two years ago, I found your Center in the phone book and decided to take a tour solely based on its proximity to work. As soon as we walked in, I knew we had found the right environment for our girls, then 1 and 3. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. You are a gifted group of educators and we are lucky to have found you. As a parent and an educator, I highly recommend your Center and look forward to Sydney’s next two years with you.


Brenna T, M.S. Ed
Special Education Teacher

Miss Melissa,

I wanted to let you know that Alyssa went for her Kindergarten testing today. She did very well. She scored a 97.5 out of 100 on the Brigance K & 1 Screening.

I think this is a good indication of what a terrific job you and Miss Corry have done during the year! It always amazes me how much she learns and what you are teaching her. I don’t think I would think of teaching her half of it if I was a “stay at home” mom.

When I looked at the curriculum they gave us, there were many areas that you have either already taught her or exposed her to and I think this will give her a great start!

Dawn In April 2000 my husband and I started the process of looking for child care for our son, Joshua. I had a meeting with the owner and immediately felt very comfortable with the program her day care would be providing for him. That September (he was six months old) I had to return to work; leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever done. However, knowing he was in the very capable, caring, loving, and understanding hands of the infant room staff put our minds at ease. He has continued to attend your Center from September to June of each year. Eachyear he has been blessed with veryunderstanding, patient and loving teachers. In Spring of 2003 our daughter, Sarah, was born. Joshua remained hom with me for the remainder of the school year. In September 2003, he returned to the Center two mornings a week for socialization and pre-school. When I returned to work full time in February, both Joshua and Sarah started full time at the Center. Sarah has adjusted wonderfully to the infant room. And Joshua continues to do very well in the three-year old room. Again, the caring, loving environment has allowed both of our children to thrive emotionally and educationally.

Sandra and Paul G.

Dear Care Bear Staff,

I’d like to thank you for the loving and nurturing care you have provided and continue to provide to my son, Jackson, in the Care Bear Room. It is never easy to be away from my son, but I can take great comfort in knowing he is in such a safe environment and learning wonderful new things every day.

When my husband and I relocated to Buffalo, our number one concern was finding child care where we knew Jackson would be safe and nurtured as well as have the opportunity and encouragement to continue to learn and grow. On our tour with one of the owners, we instantly felt both comfortable and impressed with the facility. Jackson naturally began playing in the Care Bear Room as if he had been there from the beginning, so we knew it would be a great match.

In his time at the Center, we have continued to be impressed everyday as we see Jackson growing physically, in his language, and in his developing skills. In the last few weeks, his vocabulary has blossomed. He’s chattering, humming, and singing, in fact, he’s actually using words like “kitty” and “I see.” He is friendly and social, especially around other little children, and I personally think he might be the fastest 16 month old on the planet; he’s almost able to outrun me! I know these skills and developments don’t just appear; they take time, energy, and lots and lots of patience. It’s wonderful to know that you (Dee, Michelle, and Tina) are working every day to give, as well as reinforce, all of this great learning and to continue to teach him.

Personally, each of you has touched Jackson and me in the special care you have given. Dee, although we don’t always cross paths at the Center, I look forward to our afternoon conversations and the silly stories about the day. Michelle, you have been wonderful to share your son, Johnny, with Jackson, and it is the best feeling to pick up Jack at the end of the day and hear your three voices laughing away, and seeing sometimes you are having more fun than the boys. Miss Tina, you were a true angel during a scary tumble and handled yourself more professionally and bravely than I coulde have ever asked for. I also appreciate your friendly face and great stories at the end of the day.

I do not think I can rightly put into words how grateful and thankful I am to the three of you for your supportive and nurturing care. I’ll be sad when the day comes for Jack to move up to the Toddler Room, but I’ll be confident knowing he’s been prepared so well to continue growing into the wonderful little boy he is becoming. Thank you all for your love and care for the most important person in my life.

With lots of love and thanks,

Sara H.

Although I have never been one to “jump on the bandwagon,” I felt my story must be told. I have known the owner since 1999 when I was expecting my second child, the miracle baby that the doctors said I would never have. She was operating her day care operation out of her home at that time, the Center that we know and love now was just an empty pet store. She came highly recommended to me through a friend of mine that attends the same church as she. During the first phone call I sat with a list of questions on how to choose a caregiver that a magazine published. I knew within the first few minutes that my search was over. I found the woman who would be the best person for the job. Daegan started with the home day care when he was 8 weeks old. I never left him without having total confidence that we would be well cared for.

The actual Center that we send our children to now opened shortly after we started at the home day care. The owner now fills the role of Director and has the most wonderful people caring for and teaching my child. I never felt at any time that I could not talk to one of the teachers about Daegan’s daily activities and behavior. That is why when we moved out to Indian Falls just 8 miles North of Darien Lake Amusement Park, I knew it was important for us to keep Daegan at the Center. I must pass 10 day care centers on my way to your Center everyday, but I know that Daegan receives the very best care and tutelage that he could get anywhere. It constantly amazes me all the things that he has learned. He has many friends and feels at home here. Even when we have gone through family problems, your Center offered him security and a loving environment in order to keep growing and learning.

In my mind there is no better place for a child to grow, learn, and play than at your Center. I am so grateful to the owners and the excellent staff that they are here to take care of my special little guy.

Pam M.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful friends and teachers at your Center for all your dedication and love afforded to Anna and Sarah over the past couple of years.
Having all of you in our lives has brought many happy memories that will stay in our hearts and minds forever.

Being a single mother these days is difficult enough to handle on its own, and when additional stresses are added to that, it can make life seem overwhelming. I consider myself lucky to have found a day care center that I knew was willing to give as much love and affection to my kids as I would. You have given us a great gift because each of you put so much of your heart into what you do. I know this because I can see the growth, attitude and affection in Anna and Sarah that amplifies the outstanding care you afforded them – no parent can put a price tag on that.

Thank you also, for your support, understanding, and patience during the more trying and difficult times in my life. Each of you have a special place in our hearts, and as far as Anna and Sarah are concerned, you will be one of their first and treasured memories as young children.

Love to all ……..

Lisa, Anna & Sarah L.

To the Owners:

I wanted to write a brief letter of thanks and appreciation for the past few years of which my girls have spent at your center. Your teachers and staff have been wonderful. Lorraine is always there when you need her, even for the little things. Miss Melissa is a very great asset. She treats each child as an individual according to their own little personalities and has a very nurturing demeanor. One could not ask for a better individual to be such an instrumental part of a child’s learning experience. Miss Corry too has been wonderful. Her bubbly personality and gentle manner is what makes the children love her. I watched this year as Juliana blossomed from a preschooler into a little girl ready for kindergarten. It is a bittersweet time as Julianna says goodbye to preschool and hello to kindergarten. I will miss all of the wonderful teachers and staff. I wish you all the best of luck and know always that your center will come highly recommended to anyone looking for childcare or preschool. Juliana’s last day is thursday, 6/17, and we are looking very forward to her graduation ceremeony. Many thanks!

Diane S.